A Thank You To Dr. Bondurant

While HD 24 has not officially been called yet, Sid Bondurant appears to have lost his re-election contest where he was running as a Republican for the first time. Unofficial numbers have 3,745 votes for Democrat Kevin Horan compared to 3,600 votes for Bondurant. Bondurant, the only medical doctor in the legislature, had planned to run for Speaker of the House if he returned.

He obviously won’t get that opportunity. But men like Bondurant, who put aside personal interests in voting against the House Democrats map, deserve gratitude from Republicans and conservatives throughout the state. Bondurant could have easily won re-election under the Reynolds map. His new district would have had a BVAP in the 20s compared to the 40s. Bondurant didn’t bite, knowing what it would have meant for the GOP overall, and joined a unified Republican conference in opposing it. Bondurant may have lost the battle, but conservatives look like they have won the war.

Majority in Mississippi