Release from Yes on 26…

“Mississippians for Healthy Families” Represents a Shameful Attempt to Confuse Mississippi Voters

In an age when image is everything, for rank and file Mississippians, the names “ACLU” and “Planned Parenthood” immediately evoke images of the most liberal, anti-Christian destroyers of traditional culture found in America today. Abortion has been and remains a top priority for both organizations in their collective effort to dismantle conservative values across our nation. Mississippians understand their objectives clearly, having just witnessed the ACLU and Planned Parenthood attempt to strip the Personhood Amendment – Initiative 26 – off the November ballot. Thankfully, the Mississippi Supreme Court determined that our state’s voters have a right to speak on the matter on Election Day 2011.

With direct assaults through the courts rebuffed, the ACLU and Planned Parenthood have moved to the next phase of their campaign against the unborn – trickery and fraud. On August 23, “Mississippians for Healthy Families” filed with the Mississippi Secretary of State its “Statement of Organization for a Political Committee.” While the name suggests a kind, generous, well-intentioned group, the organizational officer list reveals otherwise:

– Nsombi Lambright, Director… is actually the Executive Director of the ACLU of Mississippi.
– Kay Scott, Treasurer… is actually the CEO of Planned Parenthood Southeast, Inc., Atlanta, Georgia.
– Barry Chase, Officer… is actually President of Memphis Regional Planned Parenthood.

With this front organization now in place, Mississippians must prepare for the deceit that is soon to follow, mostly through well-crafted, “family-values sounding” television advertisements that claim the “sky is falling.” The upcoming ads’ scare tactics will falsely claim that the Personhood Amendment will result in the prosecution of women who suffer miscarriages, the outlawing of contraceptives, the end of IVF, and risks to women’s health, none of which is true. The extent to which the ACLU and Planned Parenthood will lie is understandable because of the money at stake. Abortion is big business, and its profiteers cannot afford to have Mississippi be the first state in the nation to grant equal rights to the unborn. If Mississippi leads, more than a dozen states are sure to follow. Since Planned Parenthood receives nearly $360 million of federal tax dollars each year, the organization will use its profits from its big city abortion mills to fund a robust campaign against the Mississippi Personhood Amendment.

Yes on Executive Director Brad Prewitt commented: “Mississippi pastors, public officials and patriots must engage on these issues in the days ahead, lest the lies of ACLU and Planned Parenthood succeed in confusing Mississippi pro-life voters. We are confident that the good people of Mississippi will see through these shameless efforts by those who exploit the unborn to pad their own pockets.”