About 8K in state have picked health plan

A little more than 8,000 Mississippians had selected a health insurance plan on the state’s online exchange as of Dec. 28.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services released updated enrollment figures Monday afternoon. Overall, 35,000 Mississippians had signed up for coverage, but only 8,000 had selected a particular plan. The figures do not say how many of those who have selected coverage have actually paid their initial premiums. Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney said there’s currently no way to track that information.

Most of the enrollees came in December, after massive repairs to the HealthCare.gov website that had experienced one failure after another since its Oct. 1 launch. At the end of November, 802 people in Mississippi had enrolled

In all, almost 2.2 million people have selected a plan on the state and federally run exchanges since their debut. In all, 7.7 million people had applied for coverage, but not all had selected a plan.

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