ACC needs FSU and Miami ‘back’

Not one time this past spring or this summer has Miami coach Randy Shannon heard any of his players utter a word about last year’s 5-7 finish that included just two wins in the ACC.
“It’s a great sign because they don’t look back to what happened,” said Shannon, who is entering his second season as head coach. “When you build on, you just keep looking forward. There’s a saying — when you failed at something you’re trying to do, get rid of it quick and don’t let nobody else know.”
Unfortunately for Shannon, it’s hard to hide in Coral Gables.
While both Miami and Florida State are trying to forget their recent struggles — which are reflected in a combined 26-25 record over the past two seasons — they are at the same time clinging onto their storied reputations of the past. Fair or not, both programs bear the burden of reverting back to their status as national title contenders in order for the ACC to improve its reputation and overall strength in comparison to the BCS heavyweights.

“Sooner or later we’ll get there,” Florida State coach Bobby Bowden said. “One of us. There are too many good teams in it now. There are going to be years where we do better, there are going to be years where (the SEC does) better, there will be years the Big 10 does better … that all varies from year to year. You know the amazing thing — Florida State right now is 7-6, 7-6 — all it takes is one good year to year to erase it. All of a sudden you’re back. Nothing lasts forever. Being down ain’t gonna last forever.”