Accused priest killer dies, lawyer still pursues Jim Hood over campaign ad

Alexander had filed a complaint against Attorney General Jim Hood for a campaign ad that featured Manieri’s case. The commercial was an attack ad against Hood’s then opponent, Steve Simpson. It featured pictures of Manieri with the following script:

“As a Judge Simpson let them out early like this convicted child molester…Then, the child molester murdered a 70-year-old priest in cold blood.”

Alexander says that commercial set back any defense of his client by condemning him long before the case could see a jury. Because it was aired statewide, the attorney says it tainted any potential juror and made it impossible for Manieri to receive a fair trial.

Even after his client’s death, Alexander says he will continue to pursue the complaint.

“It’s far bigger than Jim Hood. It’s far bigger than Jeremy Manieri. So, on principle, I feel it is important we proceed with that,” said the attorney.

Alexander went on to say that Hood’s recent actions against former Governor Haley Barbour’s pardons, claiming they violated constitutional procedure, were hypocritical because he believes the ad is unconstitutional.

“Jim Hood is chastising the governor Barbour about the constitution? I don’t think Jim Hood can spell the word constitution,” said Alexander.