“Actions Speak Louder Than Words”- Davis Challenges Childers’ Voting Record

While prices are high and families are struggling, Congressman Travis Childers holds tightly to the Democratic Party line instead of helping his constituents.

Southaven, MS –Greg Davis, republican candidate for congress responded today to comments made by Travis Childers in the Tupelo Daily Journal. When asked about a third party ad that focused on his liberal voting record, Childers referred to the content as ‘petty’ politics.

“Gasoline at nearly $4.00 per gallon is not ‘petty’ politics and neither is preventing America from producing more of our own energy”, said Greg Davis. “The issues facing our families are not ‘petty’ and Congressman Childers should be more concerned with supporting our district than with supporting the failed policies of Nancy Pelosi and her ‘Do Nothing-Drill Nowhere Congress’.”

While campaigning, Childers often spoke of his desire to lower gas prices. He now appears more concerned with pleasing Speaker Pelosi and other democratic leadership than supporting the people of the first district. “You know the old adage, “actions speak louder than words”? “Maybe he thinks that doesn’t apply once you get to D.C,” Davis said. Despite voting in support of Pelosi and the Democratic Party 87% of the time, Childers continues to portray himself as a conservative.

“Travis Childers has certainly demonstrated his priorities and his loyalties since arriving in D.C, and neither seems to include Mississippi families. The people are suffocating from some of the highest energy prices in history and Childers is voting to stop legislation that would provide relief,” said Davis.

Childers’ record is clear and proves that in a very short period of time, he has fallen in step with D.C. democrats and out of step with the Mississippians he promised to represent.

Voted against allowing debate on any measures to reduce gas prices. (H.R. 6056, CQ Vote #338, Motion agreed to 223-190: R 1-188; D 222-2, 5/21/08)

Voted against consideration any measures to reduce gas prices, as well as consideration of the “Clean Energy Tax Stimulus Act,” which includes tax incentives for energy production and conservation .(H.R. 5658, CQ Vote #340, Motion agreed to 235-186: R 9-185; D 226-1; I 0-0, 5/21/08)

Voted against consideration of a measure to permit oil exploration in ANWR. (S. Con. Res. 70, CQ Vote #341, Motion agreed to 229-186: R 8-183; D 221-3, 5/21/08)

Voted against a motion to recommit to require a study on the feasibility of using former military installations for new oil refineries. (H.R. 5658, CQ Vote #364: Motion Rejected 186-223: R 184-1; D 2-222, 5/22/08)

Voted against allowing debate on any measures to reduce gas prices. (H.R. 3021, CQ Vote #370, Motion agreed to 221-196: R 0-193; D 221-3, 6/4/08)

Voted against allowing consideration of the “No More Excuses Energy Act,” which includes oil and gas leasing in ANWR and OCS, as well as establishing new refineries and a tax credit for nuclear energy (H.R. 6003, CQ Vote #391, Motion agreed to 227-185: R 5-183; D 222-2, 6/10/08)

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