Adams: Berry is latest UT cover boy

When I saw Eric Berry’s picture on the cover of a preseason college football magazine, I thought about the Heisman Trophy.
I realize that’s quite a leap, particularly since the Heisman is best known in these parts as the award Tennessee’s Peyton Manning didn’t win. Moreover, it’s not as though the cover will be seen nationwide. It was a regional cover for Athlon’s SEC preseason football magazine.
So why did I make the connection between Berry and the Heisman?

Maybe it’s because Berry is the best Heisman candidate UT has had since Manning departed for NFL superstardom after the 1997 season.
Do I think Berry can win the award? No.
Do I think he’s worthy of a Heisman promotion? Yes.
It’s the aim-high principle. Although you fall short of the Heisman, you could hit the Jim Thorpe award, given annually to the nation’s best defensive back.