Adams touts ‘bold, innovative’ conservatism

For Adams, the decision to run for the vacant seat eventually came down to what he believes is an opportune time for a new generation of conservative leaders to begin making bold, innovative decisions in Washington, D.C.

That’s been the crux of Adams’ campaign since announcing in early March. He’s told voters from Tupelo to Hernando that he’s the right candidate to tackle the tough issues that will result in great things for north Mississippi.

“We’re at such a critical juncture in this country that it’s going to take a true conservative with a bold approach and being very innovative to reverse some of the damage that’s been done,” Adams said. “But we also need to look forward to the future and make sure our country is as strong as possible going forward.”

At campaign events, forums and debates throughout the 1st District, Adams has used a question he says is often asked of him by Mississippians as a central point for his campaign.

“The general question I’m always asked is, ‘Do you think our country is past a point of no return?’” Adams said. “And I fundamentally don’t think so, because I think we have a tremendous opportunity to make some change.”

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