Adcock emphasizes political, business experience

He’s no fan of the way the current administration has handled those and other foreign policy issues such as the dealings between Israel and Iran, saying he believes “this president is the best president Iran has ever had.”

“They are sacrificing not only our future security, but the security of Israel in the process,” Adcock said. “I have people frequently ask me what side is this guy on, and that’s not something you want people asking of their president.”

Adcock stresses his 19 years in the private sector as well as nearly 10 years working in Washington make him the best candidate that can hit the ground running and start representing the people of the 1st District.

“The 1st District has been without anyone advocating on their behalf since Feb. 6, and I don’t think we can afford to take two or three years for someone to figure out how to get things done,” Adcock said. “The day I show up is the day I get working.”

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