Jackson – Today, Advance Mississippi released the following statement from Chairman Glenn McCullough, Jr. on the tragedy in Japan and on the importance of nuclear energy in the United States.

“The membership of Advance Mississippi extends heartfelt prayers and condolences to the people of Japan after Friday’s devastating earthquake and tsunami. Additionally, as American resources and assistance are deployed to assist Japan to manage the effects of the tsunami on the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, we acknowledge the utmost importance of safety as the top priority for nuclear energy—here and abroad. Nuclear energy is a safe, clean and reliable source of power, the benefits of which we enjoy here in Mississippi with Entergy’s Grand Gulf Nuclear Station and should continue to be included as one of America’s key resources as a way to meet the increasing energy demands for the future. This incident in Japan will give the nuclear energy industry more opportunities to look at safety practices and look for areas of improvement in the generation of affordable, reliable power.

“We offer links to key resources below as a means to keep people in Mississippi apprised of the major developments as we stand ready to support the people of Japan in their hour of need:”
§ Nuclear Energy Institute information:
§ Entergy statement, 03-14-11:
§ US Agency for International Development:
§ TVA statement, 03-11-11:

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