It’s 2017. Let’s End Prohibition Era Policies.

While alcohol in the Deep South has historically been a sticky political subject (see “If By Whiskey“), Americans for Prosperity believes in the free market. We believe in competition. We believe in consumer choice. We believe adults should be treated like adults.

That’s why we are supporting the passage of legislation (HB 1322 – Rep. Willis/SB 2613 – Sen. Chassaniol) that would allow breweries in Mississippi to sell their own beer at their own place of business to citizens who want it.

These breweries, like Lucky Town, Lazy Magnolia, or Yalobusha, are creating jobs and driving economic growth in our state. If Mississippians can run to the local gas station or belly up to a bar and sip a beer imported from Germany, there’s no reason they shouldn’t be able to support local brewmasters on-site.

AFP Mississippi