AFP-MS Launches Paid Campaign Thanking Lt. Governor Reeves
Group Thanks Reeves for Being Barrier Against Tax Increases & Wasteful Spending

Americans for Prosperity-Mississippi (AFP-MS) announces it will begin a five-figure campaign to thank Lt. Governor Tate Reeves for standing up for taxpayers amid pressure to raise taxes and continue wasteful spending. The campaign will include both statewide direct mail and a digital component.
State Director Russ Latino issued the following statement on the campaign:

“Lt. Gov. Reeves has shown leadership in opposing calls for gas tax increases, an unconstitutional internet sales tax proposal, and taxpayer funded handouts to movie producers. The Lt. Governor’s leadership is a sign that he understands that real Mississippi families can’t afford to pay more in taxes and are fed up with waste.”
Latino continued:

“This campaign is to let people know that Lt. Gov. Reeves lived up to his promise to protect taxpayers this year and to encourage him to keep doing so. We’re going to give credit where it’s due.”

AFPMS Press Release