After a Crushing Week, McDaniel Resorts to Desperate Lies

Following a week that saw his opponent, U.S. Senator Thad Cochran, raise more than $800,000 in just four days in Mississippi, State Senator Chris McDaniel did what an #ArmchairSenator does and took to Facebook in anger to trot out a complete lie about Cochran. In this blog entry, I will demonstrate how big of a lie McDaniel told and show how absolutely desperate he has become.

The McDaniel campaign has lied or significantly distorted the truth (lied) on numerous occasions, but the timing, blatancy, and directness of this particular lie make it as big a whopper as some of Thad Cochran’s fundraisers in Mississippi this week.

The Lie:

In anger, State Senator Chris McDaniel logged on to his personal Facebook account (not his campaign’s account), and at approximately 1:07 p.m. Friday, he posted the following lie:

“I respectfully disagree with Senator Cochran on Common Core. He supports it and has advocated for federal funds associated with its implementation. I will continue to oppose Common Core, if for no other reason than the federal government has absolutely no business influencing local education decisions.“

What is Common Core?

Common Core is a term for educational standards developed by the National Governors Association to provide a national benchmark for elementary and secondary schools. It is controversial because the Obama Administration created a loophole in a program contained in its Stimulus Bill, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, to incentivize states to adopt the Common Core standards. The program was called Race To the Top, and states and local school districts were effectively denied grants under the program unless they had adopted something like Common Core. The State of Mississippi chose to adopt Common Core on June 28, 2010. Conservatives in the state, including McDaniel’s Siamese twin, State Senator Michael Watson, have made quite a to do over Common Core, especially recently.

Why McDaniel’s post is A BIG FAT LIE:

Senator Thad Cochran has never said anything or taken any action that indicates he supports Common Core, in fact, he has taken steps to prevent the federal government from prescribing curriculum for states and local entities. The controversial part of Common Core among conservatives is “federal overreach.” The “federal overreach” in this case was the connection between the Stimulus’ Race to the Top Grants and state adoption of Common Core standards. Let’s review the facts:

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