Gallo Notes-November 15, 2008

After a week off far, far away, I was hoping to examine the ashes of the Conservative movement with a bit more clarity upon return. Unfortunately this past election is one with such profound statements on where and who we are as a people and a nation that answers are either unavailable or unwanted.

How is it that a society who still says they embrace life, liberty and pursuit of happiness voted to put all of those at greater risk of survival? How is it that we can build and fill so many churches across the American landscape and yet exercise the tenants of that faith with selective indignation? I give up-I don’t know.

As we march towards January and hand the keys and the future of this great nation totally to Democrats, I have come to these conclusions-

#1-Conservatives have to win or die, grow or fade away on our core values.
#2-It is contradictory to wish President-Elect Obama success, if success means the advancement of ideals not embraced by Conservatives.
#3-Each of us has to become more involved in encouraging and promoting true Conservative candidates from every walk of life.

If Conservatives are looking for some motivation from those of us who have followed politics for a long time, know this-it’s going to be a nerve-racking four years for Democrats. If you know history, you know that politics like the economy is a cyclical entity that can fling a Party into fast forward or a Dark Hole.

To use a simple analogy, beginning in January the Democrat Party will not only be driving the bus, they will be responsible for the mechanics, the route planning, the roads and getting the passengers to their final destination safely.

That’s a pretty tall order when you realize the road ahead will be one littered with an unenviable assortment of dangerous land mines. To be honest, I think Conservatives will look back on this past election in short order and thank God we weren’t driving!

Paul Gallo
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