One producer of caffeinated alcoholic drinks is cooperating and has removed its product from the market, while a second is uncooperative, according to Attorney General Jim Hood.

“Caffeine and alcohol is a dangerous mix, whether it is Red Bull and vodka or the new Sparks Red drink by MillerCoors,” explained Hood. “The caffeine makes drinkers think they are not impaired, but they are actually supercharged drunks who think they are bulletproof.”

According to Hood, “Youth who combine caffeine and alcohol are more likely to drive, fight and have unsafe sex. This is a new threat to our young people, so I urge parents to learn more about the dangers these drinks pose to children and talk to their kids about those dangers.”

As a result of the misleading marketing claims and the research revealing the dangerousness of caffeinated alcoholic drinks, the Attorneys General of several states have launched investigations and are urging manufacturers to remove these potentially dangerous beverages from the market.

Anheuser-Busch cooperated with the Attorneys General’s investigation and has announced it will stop making caffeinated-alcohol products. Unfortunately, MillerCoors has not followed the responsible actions by Anheuser-Busch. Miller continues to produce caffeinated-alcohol drinks and has announced a new product, Sparks Red, with 8 percent alcohol by volume.

General Hood stated, “It is amazing to me that in spite of being under investigation by the Attorneys General, MillerCoors intends to introduce Sparks Red with an even higher alcohol content in October. Consequently, today I have sent a letter to Leo Kiely , the chief executive officer of MillerCoors, asking for copies of documents regarding the marketing strategy for Sparks Red. I just wish the company would respond more responsibly as did Anheuser-Busch. I guess MillerCoors’ lust for the corporate annual profits of $114 million off of the caffeinated drinks, overrides their concern for our young people.”