AG Hood: State must spend more on opioid crisis

“We’re going to make due with what we have. We’re going to figure out some way to pay for it the best we can,” Hood said, referring to crime victim compensation, law enforcement and firefighter disability benefits, and various training programs his office administers.

Legislators could have passed a state lottery, adopted gas or internet sales taxes and repealed tax cuts to big businesses as a way to fill holes in the state budget and provide more funds for roads and education, he said.

“They had plenty of options, and they did nothing,” he said.

Before the Rotary luncheon, Hood told reporters opioid addiction impacts multiple demographics in counties across the state.

“It’s hitting every community,” he said.

According to the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics, deaths caused by heroin increased by 2,000 percent in the state between 2013 and 2016, and the Department of Mental Health saw a 32 percent increase in admission for treatments related to heroin during the same time period.

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