A former Jackson crematorium owner has pled guilty to charges in Hinds County for mis-using money from customers who pre-paid for services, announced Attorney General Jim Hood today.

Mark Seepe of 113-B Fairfax Circle, Brandon, appeared before Hinds County Circuit Court Judge Breland Hilburn today to face charges that he either converted or embezzled funds that by law were to be placed in trust for benefit of customers who pre-paid for services (ยง75-63-59 and 75-63-69).

On the first two counts in the First Judicial District of Hinds County, Judge Hilburn sentenced Seepe to 10 years, to run consecutive, with the 10 years in count two suspended, meaning Seepe will spend 10 years behind bars. Seepe also received 10 years on counts three, four and five to run concurrent with the sentence on count one. On the one count in the Second Judicial District of Hinds County, Seepe was also sentenced to 10 years to run concurrent with the sentence on count one in the First Judicial District. Seepe must also serve five years of post release supervision, during which time he must pay full restitution to his victims in the amount of $7,421.20 or $186.00 per month until all is paid. He must also pay $1,000 to the Victims Compensation Fund.

“We contacted each victim about this plea agreement yesterday and they all indicated they were good with the terms,” said Attorney General Jim Hood. “We are happy to be able to provide them with closure through justice in this case.”

In exchange for the guilty plea, the State agreed not to pursue further embezzlement charges against Seepe. However, there is nothing that will prevent other potential victims from pursuing civil charges against Seepe.

Seepe still faces the same charges in Rankin County. His trial is scheduled for Tuesday, October 20, 2009, 9:00a.m. in the Circuit Court of Rankin County.

Attorney General Jim Hood Press Release