An item that has not been reported anywhere in the mainstream press is how AG Jim Hood has attempted to peel off $5M in the State Farm Settlement (top of page 5) to be paid directly to the AG’s office for “investigative” costs.

Didn’t we already go through this with the Padnuhship? Where would those monies be going – to private law firms who are buddies with the AG? Or do those monies just go into the AG’s budget? Shouldn’t those funds be appropriated back to the Legislature’s General Fund and be appropriated through the legislative process?

This is a terrible way to run the Government. If the AG’s office can shake down any defendant it’s investigating for monies just to cover the investigative charges, then the AG could theoretically investigate everyone just to line its own budget. When other states are involved (like on the Bayer case) my bet is those monies get paid directly to the States.