Yesterday, Jim Hood joined attorneys general from 10 states in filing an amicus brief in a Texas federal courtroom that sought to support Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey in her pursuit of oil giant Exxon.

Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood today sided with his colleagues from Massachusetts, New York and other blue states in an ongoing legal battle over whether ExxonMobil can be forced to fork over documents related its climate change research and advocacy.

In June of this year, Exxon filed suit against Healey over a civil investigative demand that was portrayed as a fishing expedition to find internal documentation on Exxon’s research on “climate change”, or global warming as it was formerly known.

This isn’t new territory for Jim Hood. He got into a similar fracas with Google over nearly an identical set of circumstances. The Google lawsuit was largely viewed as a proxy for other anti-Google business interests (Sony and the MPAA) that seemed to coordinate with the Mississippi AG’s office during their civil case. However, the politics of supporting a global warming fishing expedition make this a little more interesting from a pure politics perspective.

This will be another case worth watching.

Jim Hood Amicus Brief in Exxon v. Healey over global warming documents CID by yallpolitics on Scribd