Incumbent Democrat Attorney General Jim Hood was in Tupelo Thursday evening for a Democrat rally.

Below is an audio recording of his speech and a transcript from the 5:06 to 7:49 mark.

· Jim Hood predicts Democrats will flip the Mississippi House of Representatives or at least come close enough to get rid of Speaker Philip Gunn.

· Jim Hood describes people opposing Initiative 42 as “stupid” and said win or lose it would cause a realignment that would allow Democrats to take over.

· Jim Hood told the crowd they should encourage their families to vote for Democrats up and down the ballot.

· Jim Hood ridiculed the Republican candidates for President, and said they couldn’t govern a country like Democrats could.


“You know, I crossed over 82 got a Diet Coke and my blood pressure went down. I’m in God’s country, you know.. Us Hill folks are a little bit different than some of you folks south, south of down Jackson, down there. But we do one thing, we do organize and get out our vote. And that’s one thing that we’re going to have to do because we’ve some serious issues and serious candidates…I think we could very well flip the House and take control of it. And if we don’t we’re going to be close enough we’re not going to have that speaker down there in Jackson.

“It’s going to take us getting on the phone and spending a little time over this weekend. It’s going to be raining Saturday and you’re not going to have much else to do anyway. Get on that phone and call your family and make sure they go out and vote for Democrats up and down the line.

“Other issues is Initiative 42. That’s been mentioned to you. I think in history, this will be a landmark. Even if it doesn’t pass but I think it will. It will be the time when people finally just rose up and said enough is enough. You know, we’re tired of you not treating our kids properly. If you’re so stupid that you don’t understand, that’s the number one economic development thing that we can do period, bar none. And you know if it doesn’t pass it’s going to create a sea change. I think that’s what we’re seeing the beginning of. When you look back when realignments occurred what we’re going to see is the opportunity for a lot of Democrats to take over…people in Mississippi are looking for somebody that has good common sense.

“I mean they look at that [Republican] debate – I didn’t see it last night – I mean it’s entertaining, everybody laughs about it. I mean, you can’t govern a country with that kind of sh-show. I mean, governing is hard. The other side [Republicans], all they do is tell you what’s wrong and whose fault it is. They don’t tell you how to fix it. Governing is hard. Democrats have done that in the past. We’ve just got to get our votes out…Get people out to vote. It’ll make all the difference in the world. You’ve got district attorneys races. You’ve got Senate, House, local races, I think we’ve got coroner races now, haven’t we? We’ve got all the great races on our ticket. I think you’re going to see those pick up a lot of steam. Let me tell you something…You know, we’ve really got an opportunity here in Northeast Mississippi on Election Day. We’re going to pick up some House races over here, but it’s going to take a lot of work between now and Tuesday.”