Today, Attorney General Jim Hood was interviewed about a variety of topics on Mississippi Public Broadcasting (full edition).

He was asked specifically about the State Farm lawsuits and also the press attempt to unseal the settlement agreement. His response justifying why the people of the state of Mississippi should be denied access to the settlement agreement was certainly interesting.

“There was testimony taken about a criminal investigation that is still ongoing and that certainly will be something that the incoming United States Attorney will be interested in, I’m sure.

The criminal investigation into State Farm is ongoing? That’s certainly news.

However on May 20, the FBI claimed that it had in fact ended its investigation against State Farm as reported in the Sun Herald. From the article . . .

The Federal Bureau of Investigation in Jackson has ended without any charges a probe into State Farm’s claims handling practices after Hurricane Katrina.

Jackson attorney Joe Hollomon, who represented State Farm claims manager Alexis “Lecky” King during the investigation, said Wednesday that the FBI recently notified him the investigation had ended and the agency would be returning to King thousands of documents requested from her.

The obvious question is, what would be interesting about State Farm’s conduct to the incoming US Attorney that’s not interesting to the current US Attorney?