Our 2012 AGO Annual Report highlights Attorney General Jim Hood’s ninth year of service to you. We continue to fight those who use the internet to prey on our children, and those who do wrong by our elderly and vulnerable. It is not only our mandated duty, but our God-given duty as well. Our dedicated staff has worked tirelessly to bring you the following highlights.
•Recovered over $100 million in state money (10 times more than our budget).
•More than $3.5 million awarded to victims of violent crime through out Crime Prevention and Victims’ Compensation Division. Funds come from assessments on criminals.
•We trained over 1,200 law enforcement officers on domestic violence and stalking laws.
•A 96% outcome in civil litigation cases in federal and state courts.
•A 100% outcome in prisoner complaints filed in federal courts.
•Successfully concluded six death penalty cases. Issued more than 540 official opinions.
•Had 21 convictions involving Voter Fraud, Embezzlement and other crimes.
•Conducted 9,043 tobacco enforcement checks throughout the state, and trained 360 retail managers and clerks across the state.

Copy of report can be found here.

AG Jim Hood Press Release