Analysis: Tax cuts, economy weigh on MS revenues

But among critics, there’s a spreading sense that despite the expressions of concern, what’s going on is all part of the Republican blueprint.

Listen, for example, to Democratic Attorney Jim Hood, who’s mulling a run for governor in 2019: “It’s not that they’re mean spirited and they don’t care about these people, I don’t think. They came down here on a mission. They were elected to office to cut government, choke government off and cut taxes. And governing and protecting victims, that’s second.”

Bryant argues that state government has become bloated while he’s been governor because spending has grown rapidly as state revenues rebounded from the recession.

“That kind of growth in spending over such a short period is simply unsustainable, and must be addressed,” Bryant wrote in his budget recommendation last fall, calling on lawmakers to “fund only those core functions of government that provide clear benefits to our citizens.”

Clarion Ledger