Barbour wrong to sue over health care

With Mississippi’s embarrassing number of uninsured residents, one would think the state’s top executive would be desperate for solutions. Mississippians by the hundreds of thousands don’t have health insurance or any way to access it.

When they get sick, they either suffer or head to the emergency room to receive health care they cannot afford and the hospital can’t recoup. They are part of the growing number of indigent care patients and the very people who could be helped by the nation’s health care reform law that has split this country and brought about dangerously unhealthy attitudes along party and racial lines.

Miss. Interests

Gov. Haley Barbour is now acting the part of a national Republican politician rather than the leader of one of the poorest states in the land. It is unfathomable that he wants to join other states and file suit to overturn the new law just because he has problems with some of its provisions. By acting in this manner, the governor proves he is out of step with the common people of Mississippi and the working poor about whom he apparently knows little.