Is First 48 good idea for Jackson?

It is a gritty show, appealing to a loyal A&E television audience.

The focus is death, brutality and societal collapse. One of the main characters is not a person, but violent streets, where bullet-riddled bodies lie in clear view, sometimes leaving little to the imagination. Casings are marked and crime scenes dissected.

It’s a reality show that owes its success to viewers’ natural curiosity about murder, the people who commit them and the families torn apart by the violence. The show is called The First 48, which could begin filming in Jackson by July. The basic premise centers on the reality that murders are most easily solved within the first two days. After that, cases can go cold for weeks, months, sometimes longer.

Bad Timing?

Reaction to Jackson’s participation should evoke conflicting emotions. On one hand, good police work and the long hours detectives devote to murder cases give an inside view the public seldom sees. But it also exposes cities, mostly their urban cores, as dangerous places to live. If producers want to be true to their story, that part is unavoidable.