Ailene Voisin: ‘Dream Team’ inspired today’s stars to dream big

You never forget your first love. You never forget the Beatles. That’s the first thing to remember.
The “Dream Team” nickname should have been retired when Magic, Michael, Larry and Charles – John, Paul, George and Ringo in shorts and sneakers – finished romancing the globe and rocking the world.
“I might be a little biased,” 1992 U.S. Olympic team coach Chuck Daly said Monday on his cell phone, “but I don’t think anyone could beat us. Our team was full of Hall of Famers, legends. A number of our guys had won NBA championships. Plus, we had that mystique, and that’s never coming back.”
He’s right. It’s not. It’s time to move on. Daly, who endorsed coach Mike Krzyzewski’s selection and Jerry Colangelo’s demand for a three-year commitment, also accurately predicted the outcome in Beijing: Early routs. Suffocating defense. Advantage in athleticism. Serious threat in the medal round. Ultimately, victory.

“I know what Coach K was going through,” Daly continued. “I saw those red spots on his face. That’s the pressure. See what we started?”