Radio Free Franken is about to be reduced to podcasting:

Losing its New York outlet would be a serious blow to the fledgling liberal radio network. “Radio Equalizer” blogger Brian Maloney – who blew the whistle on questionable loans to the lefty network last year – published the first report that WLIB was on the verge of evicting Air America some time soon.

Air America’s options for a new home are not promising. All of the city’s other strong-signal stations are spoken for, leaving only weak-signal “fringe” stations that do not cover the entire city and suburbs.

Air America parent Piquant LLC has reportedly been paying Inner City Broadcasting – controlled by former Manhattan Borough President Percy Sutton and his son, Pierre – $2.5 million a year to air Franken and others.

Usually, commercial radio networks are in business to bring money in, but who are we to judge?