Alabama football coach Nick Saban speaks of family, football and integrity
College football’s hottest coach knows he’s also the sport’s greatest villain, so he’s setting the record straight about his public persona, the SEC soap opera and his exit from Miami.

SN: You’re creeping up on 60. Is it too soon to ask how long you want to coach?
NS: I don’t really think I’m 58. I don’t feel 58. I still play noontime basketball in the wintertime. When I go on the tubes with the kids, I feel like I’m 14 or 15. I’ve still got to have the fastest jet ski that anybody makes. I guess I have thought a little bit about: How well can you take care of yourself? How long are you going to be healthy enough to do it? You know, that kind of stuff. Hopefully, it’ll be for a long time. My mom’s 77—she just had a hole in one last week. … What scares me the most is: What do you do when you retire? I can’t sit still now. So I don’t know why I’d think that I could sit still then. I need something to do.