Alabama tops Dooley Decimal SEC program rankings

Ah, the steamy days of summer. A young man’s thoughts turn to swimming pools, the beach, barbecues and, of course, college football.
And every summer, about the time those pop-up storms hit Gainesville in the afternoon, I keep thinking it’s almost time for the Dooley Decimal System. I have to be patient because too early is too early, but too late is also too late. If that makes any sense, you’ve been out in the sun too long.
But it’s here, the DDS is ready to make its annual appearance. Every summer, I rate the programs of the SEC based on a number of criteria including head coach, coaching staffs, facilities, fan support, revenue, recruiting and some other intangibles.
One thing that makes this difficult is the seventh- or eighth-place teams probably rank in the top 35 in America. That’s how good the SEC is and how strong the commitments are in this conference.

So here we go: