The presidential race is starting to get close. As I predicted, polls are starting to narrow.

If they narrow much more, Dems and the Press are going to go into full-on, freakout hysterical mode. It happened with Kerry. They are so disconnected that they will come unglued at the prospect of not winning the race after already measuring the drapes for the Oval Office and figuring out what flavor of Kool-Aid they will consume on Inauguration Day.

You are going to get the movie stars that will say they are moving to Canada if McCain wins. You are going to get everyone in the press to say what racists Americans are if Obama loses. You are going to get the wild accusations against Palin inciting riots and whatever else they can come up with.

This is starting to feel like a rerun of 2004.

I don’t know if McCain will win this thing, but I am confident this is going to get much closer toward Election Day. Look for the hysteria to begin right now.