Alcorn County Sheriff arrested on fraud and conspiracy charges

“Based on our investigation, Sheriff Reinhart used his position to manipulate the system,” said State Auditor Stacey Pickering. “Teddy Null and Pamela Denise Null conspired with the Sheriff to ensure their company received the Sheriff’s business while not disclosing the condition of all the salvage vehicles to the County. In addition, our investigation has uncovered questions relating to the business operation at Cars for Less in Alcorn County. The Behavior of the Sheriff and this vendor is deplorable and will not be tolerated.”

In addition, Reinhard was issued an unrelated civil demand on June 18, for $181,161.93 for fund misappropriated by his department.

He was elected to office back in 2008.

WREG was told Reinhard has paid his $25,000 bail.