All Incumbents Will Face Opponents In 2012

With the close of business on Friday, the period to qualify for House and Senate races ended with all incumbents facing both primary and general election challengers, but featuring few names you have probably heard of.

One of the big stories, at least from my prospective, was the relative free pass that Rep. Steven Palazzo has received. For some time we have read about rather embarrassing stories from his office but at the end of the day Gene Taylor stayed out and so did prominent Republicans who were rumored- such as state Sen. Michael Watson or attorney Brian Sanderson. Instead, Palazzo will face Ron Vincent and Cindy Burleson in the primary and either Jason Vitosky or Michael Herrington in the general. Another Democrat, Joshua LaRose, qualified but apparently he lives in Florida and the party has said he won’t be certified. And it looks like Ron Williams, the former Republican gubernatorial candidate who would go on to endorse Democrat Johnny DuPree, will be running as a Libertarian.

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