Today, all living former Chairmen of the Mississippi Republican Party released the following joint statement, uniting behind Thad Cochran in the June 24, 2014, Republican Primary Runoff:

“As former Chairmen of the Mississippi Republican Party, each of us has dedicated much of our lives to the development of a strong Republican Party in the State of Mississippi. As Chairmen, we have fought to further our Party’s conservative principles of government. One of our strongest allies in these efforts has always been Senator Thad Cochran. He has been loyal to the Republican Party and has served our State with honor and distinction. We proudly stand together in support of Senator Cochran and will each cast our vote for him in Tuesday’s Republican Primary Runoff. We firmly believe both Mississippi and the Mississippi Republican Party will be best served, and better positioned for victory in November, with Senator Thad Cochran as our Republican Nominee for the U.S. Senate.”

Former State Chairmen
Mississippi Republican Party

MSGOP Chairman Emeritus Wirt Yerger, Jr.
Clarke Reed
Charles Pickering
Mike Retzer
Ebbie Spivey
Billy Powell
Jim Herring
Brad White
Arnie Hederman

Thad Cochran Campaign Release