Madison Journal – Allegations of voter fraud yet to be aired in Canton alderman race
In the election, Rodriquez Brown defeated incumbent Ray Rosamond in a May 21 runoff election by 49 votes for the Ward 1 post.

Rosamond disputed the results, citing several instances of alleged fraud, including votes cast by non-residents, illegal voter assistance and improper poll management, among other things.

In his sworn petition, Rosamond cites several irregularities at the polling place, including dozens of instances of illegal voter assistance where voters were brought to the polling place then escorted to the voting booth by Brown supporters.

Upon examining the absentee ballots, Rosamond claims they discovered a stack of 94 unmarked, unaccounted for ballots.

They also noted an alteration of the voter rolls for Ward 1 between the May 5 primary and the May 19 runoff, with the addition of 18 new voters and the deletion of 7 others.

The petition also details at least two specific examples of voters Rosamond was able to identify as non-residents of Ward 1.

Brown’s attorney, state Rep. Ed Blackmon, who is Canton’s city attorney, has disputed the claims.

Adding to the controversy, Brown is the nephew of former Noxubee County Democrat Party Chairman Ike Brown, who drew national attention when it was ruled he had violated the Voting Rights Act and discriminated against white voters.

Steven Watson
Madison County Journal