‘Al’s Army’ Spearheads GOTV Efforts
An impressive cross-section of health care, ideological, business, and law enforcement groups announced their support for Major General (R) Al Hopkins. The grassroots coalition of nine statewide organizations dubbed ‘Al’s Army’ will spearhead get-out-the-vote efforts for Hopkins’ campaign for Attorney General.

The political committees of the following organizations are supporting Hopkins: Mississippi Association of Drug Enforcement Officers, National Federation of Independent Business SAFE Trust, Police Benevolent Association, Associated Builders and Contractors, Associated General Contractors, National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund, Mississippi Manufacturers Association PAC, Mississippi Medical PAC, and Mississippi Right to Life.

“These groups represent a diversity of Mississippians and the issues that are important to them: jobs, crime, health care, and the sanctity of life,” said Hopkins. “This coalition will take our message to the voters over the next three weeks and I’m honored to have their support. They’re united with me because Jim Hood has proven he’s more concerned about the wellbeing of his campaign donors than he is Mississippians and their concerns. It’s time for Mississippi to hire a new lawyer.”

Barbara Whitehead, Mississippi Right to Life:

“The office of Attorney General is very important to all pro-life Mississippians, because we have numerous pro-life laws in effect that could be challenged at any time. Al Hopkins will be the best Attorney General to do that work to protect the unborn children in our state. The pro-life community is very thankful to Al Hopkins for his long-standing, unwavering commitment to ending abortion in our state. His willingness to publicly embrace the cause of the unborn and fight for life in Mississippi has warranted our endorsement and our support.”

Chris Cox, National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund:

“Al Hopkins is the right choice for Attorney General in Mississippi. He is a Life Member of the National Rifle Association, and because of his strong support of the Second Amendment, he has earned an ‘A’ rating from NRA-PVF.”

Ken Magee, Police Benevolent Association:

“For our state’s top law enforcement officer, we need a strong leader like Al Hopkins. His commitment to being fair, but tough, makes him the man to lead Mississippi’s law enforcement community as Attorney General. Al Hopkins has given his life to public service, and that’s why our members are excited to stand with him and do everything we can to ensure he is our leader for the next 4 years.”

Ron Aldridge, National Federation of Independent Business SAFE Trust:

“Al Hopkins has the strong support of our membership, because he is an experienced attorney, small-business owner and farmer who knows firsthand the challenges facing small business. He will protect the economic and legal advances made through comprehensive tort reform, and he will make the Attorney General’s office more accountable to the public.”

C.J. “Buddy” Edens, Associated Builders and Contractors:

“We are eagerly supporting Al Hopkins for Attorney General because of his experience and keen understanding of the connection between Mississippi’s economy and her legal system. His distinguished military service gives us confidence that he brings the integrity and character we need in our Attorney General. Al Hopkins will be a leader we can trust to support the conservative economic principles that are so vital to our state’s continued growth.”

Perry Nations, Associated General Contractors:

“As Attorney General, Al Hopkins will make the Attorney General’s office accountable to the taxpayers for every dime, and he will be an advocate for the conservative principles of our members. We are strongly supporting his campaign, and we’re going to do everything we can to get him elected.”

Troy Peterson, Mississippi Association of Drug Enforcement Officers:

“In today’s times, there is a strong need for an Attorney General who will stand up and work closely with State and Local Narcotics Agents and to assist local District Attorneys in a speedy and timely prosecution of defendants. Mr. Hopkins is a proven leader and strongly represents the kind of leadership that is needed as the highest prosecuting attorney for the State of Mississippi.”

Jay Moon, Mississippi Manufacturers Association:

“Al Hopkins will bring sensible, steady leadership proven over 30 years in a variety of endeavors to the Attorney General’s office, which plays a major role in the business climate of our state. The MMA Political Action Committee is supporting Al Hopkins because of his legal and leadership experience and his positions on the issues. Al believes in upholding the tort reforms MMA worked hard to pass in 2004. He also supports accountability in the hiring of outside attorneys by the Attorney General’s office.”

Dr. Ken Davis, Mississippi Medical PAC:

“Al Hopkins is a man of firm principle and absolute integrity. He is right on the issues and knows how tort reforms have transformed the Mississippi legal climate, allowing physicians to continue to care for their patients across the state. Al Hopkins will ensure accountability in the Attorney General’s office and will stop this nonsense of steering multi-million dollar legal fees to campaign contributors.”

Al Hopkins Campaign Release