A&M to SEC? Texas Staying Put? Memphis FedExed?

It makes sense that the SEC would want inroads in the Lone Star State, sure, and especially in and around Dallas and Houston; it also makes sense that A&M would want a better cut of revenue from a bigger pie. But it’s hard to believe that merely adding A&M is the SEC’s goal. Hook Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott up to an IV of truth serum and ask him about the conference’s interest in A&M specifically, and I’ll bet he’d say it was mostly to get to Texas, because Texas is the prize in Fox’s eyes. I wonder if that’s part of Slive’s prerogative, too.

It also makes sense that the SEC might be feeling heat from one of its megadeal broadcast partners. ESPN would have been squeezed out of Texas, the state, should A&M have joined Texas, the school, and the other Lone Star squads from the Big 12 in a mass exodus to the Pac-Something-or-Other.