After it’s second session, AFP Mississippi is making an impact. It’s leader in Mississippi, Russ Latino, has been at the forefront of several legislative battles in his early tenure with AFP MS. The scorecard itself focuses on 37 House votes and 27 Senate votes.

AFP Scorecard by yallpolitics on Scribd

Their release in full is below.

Americans for Prosperity – Mississippi (AFP-MS) released its 2017 Economic Freedom Scorecard today as part of the groups effort to inform citizens about the performance of their elected representatives and senators on important tax, spending, regulatory, and education legislation.

In an effort to provide the most comprehensive accountability tool to citizens, AFP-MS scored nearly 6,000 individual votes on a wide variety of legislation. Important bills scored include HB 480, the “Internet Sales Tax” bill, HB 711, the “Handout to Hollywood” bill, and HB 1425, a bill to reduce regulations that hurt job seekers. The scorecard also includes a lifetime score of legislators, which sheds light on their larger body of work.

There were 18 “Champions of Freedom,” those scoring 90 percent of above, in the House and 15 in the Senate.

You can view the full scorecard as well as search for specific legislators here.

“There were many Champions of Freedom in both chambers that led the way on some of the years biggest victories, which include the adoption of an innovative way of reining in occupational licensing, the defeat of unnecessary taxes and the elimination of wasteful spending,” said AFP-MS State Director Russ Latino. “We plan to promote this scorecard throughout the state to inform Mississippians on how their legislators voted. We commend our Champions of Freedom and encourage them to continue to lead the spread of pro-growth, free market policy that will benefit Mississippi families.”