An early crack at an ’09 top 25 (Rebels #5)

The biggest question heading into the 2009 college football season isn’t who’s No. 1 (umm … that would be Florida). It isn’t even who should be Nos. 2-4 (Texas’ Colt McCoy and Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford return for the Red River rivals, and USC is loaded as usual).

The question is: Who the heck should be No. 5?
In compiling this initial, absurdly early stab at next season’s top 25 teams, the extent of the drop-off between the projected top-four teams to everybody else struck me. Mind you, it’s hardly a guarantee things will play out this way, but on paper, as of today, you’d be hard-pressed to find any team that returns remotely as much proven talent as those Big Four.
So who did I end up going with at No. 5? Ole Miss.