So here’s an interesting idea. Instead of the social and legislative brain damage associated with “repeal and replace” on the current Mississippi State Flag, why not have multiple state flags?

That’s the idea Speaker Pro-Tem Greg Snowden (R) has come up with. Though there are slew of flag related bills, his bill “splits the baby” essentially by saying that Mississippi can have two state flags that can both be used together or one at the time. The other flag would be the Mississippi Magnolia Flag (the official state flag from 1861-1865 shown below in case you forgot).

From the bill . . .

Each of the designs of the official flag shall be of equal status and dignity in representing the State of Mississippi, and each design may be flown individually as the official flag or they may be flown together. The inclusion in this section of the Magnolia Flag as an additional design of the official state flag does not lessen the status of the 1894 flag as also being the official state flag.

Again, Y’all Politics is on the record saying that the current state flag should be replaced. BUT, having an “official” alternative is a pretty amicable solution.

It’s something worth considering for sure and that’s why it’s our #msleg . . . . #billoftheday