Why I’m for Billy Hewes

First, Billy Hewes has demonstrated the personal characteristics that most of us would like to see in ourselves over the course of his life. Married for 25 years and with his wife Paula the parent of four children, Senator Hewes has demonstrated the discipline in his own life to build and manage his business, make the far-too-often trek from Gulfport to Jackson to perform his duties in the State Senate, and maintain the demeanor and grace that mark a gentleman and a man of faith.

Then, Billy Hewes has earned the respect of his colleagues, as reflected in his unanimous selection by the members of the State Senate of the State of Mississippi as President Pro Tem, second only to current Lt. Governor Phil Bryant in the key leadership of the Senate. First elected to the Senate 20 years ago, when he was one of only nine Republicans in the entire State Senate, Billy has worked steadily and with principle over nearly half his lifetime standing for issues of importance to conservatives and this not as a back-bencher, but as a long-time committee chairman and, for the past four years, as Pro Tem. He knows the Senate, he knows the Senators, and he knows the legislative process as do few in the New Capitol.

Third, Billy Hewes has shown that he can win legislative battles with grace, lose with poise, and lead with wisdom.

Andy Taggart
Madison County Journal