McDaniel says he’s thinking about running for Lt. Governor

“Right now I’m praying about it. I’ve got to talk to my family about it and make the decision,” said McDaniel. “Still have 10 days, that’s a long long time in politics.”

This secret Facebook group with more than 4,000 members, could lead some to believe he wants to challenge incumbent Tate Reeves and become Mississippi’s next Lt. Governor. But, we asked McDaniel, if he was not certain about running, why would the social media page be created?

“Well that wasn’t my Facebook page,” said McDaniel. “That was a fan page someone created some time ago and they changed the name to Lt. Governor.”

Political Analyst Andy Taggart says, presumably if Senator McDaniel was to run, it would be in a Republican Primary.

“Whether Senator McDaniel chose to run or not, I think Tate Reeves ends up being the winner,” said Taggart. “The simple fact of the matter is though, it would be a very vigorous primary campaign and a very expensive primary campaign. Which in my judgement helps Democrats, not Republicans.”