Angela McGlowan Further Discusses Her Plan for Education Reform

Angela McGlowan, Former Fox News political analyst and the pro-life, anti-tax, anti-wasteful government spending Conservative running to represent Mississippians in the 1st Congressional District, further discusses her plan for education reform.

Candidate McGlowan stated, “Mississippi education ranks as one of the worst in the nation, and there is no reason why we should accept this as the reality. Our students have great potential and we have talented teachers to bring this potential out.” McGlowan continued on to say, “We need money to fully fund education and reward successful teachers appropriately.”

McGlowan further commented, “We need real change regarding education. This change begins with eliminating the Department of Education and replacing it with a small regulatory board to allocate federal money to the states.” McGlowan continued, “Additionally, I am happy to hear that Henry Ross, who is also seeking the Republican nomination, joined me last Friday at a debate in calling for the disbandment of the Department of Education. Simply put, it is a large bureaucratic wasteland.”

McGlowan discussed, “Furthermore, the Mississippi state legislature in Jackson should not continue to cut the state education budget, as it did during the last fiscal year. There are some things that we cannot afford to take money from, and education is clearly one of them.”

McGlowan commented, “We have one of two choices: we can pay for our children now and give them strong, quality education, or we can pay for them later when it is statistically proven that they will end-up on the welfare dole or in the correction’s system.”

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