‘Anger, Tantrums’ on Both Sides in Jones Case Dismays Scruggs, Likens to Prison Life

Now prison is not where you want to go. The beds are little more than steel racks, the food’s inedible, and the medical and dental care are better in Haiti. Yet perversely, folks seemed happier than out in the civilized world. They found ways to get along. The shared misery of incarceration somehow spawned tolerance and cooperation.

A good example of the anger I’m talking about was triggered during the recent controversy over the IHL’s decision to let Dan Jones go as our Chancellor. I think it stinks and am on record to that effect. But I don’t think that the individual Board members are stinkers, and I am dismayed by the tantrums that some of Dan’s supporters have displayed toward others in our community who participated in or supported the Board’s action. It is done. There’s nothing more to do than lower our voices and rationally cooperate in attracting and welcoming a new Chancellor.

No, I don’t want to go back to prison where life was harsh but simple. I do think, however, that I learned something about getting along, taking a deep breath and facing the next day. I think that Dan Jones would want that, and I’m sure that the future of our great institution requires it.

Hotty Toddy