Annual business event light on news, heavy on hob-nobbing

Last week was the annual HobNob Mississippi event hosted by the state’s chamber of commerce, the Mississippi Economic Council. For those of you who have never attended, the event is appropriately named. Although the day’s agenda is full of political speakers and panels, the real reason anyone goes is to, well, hobnob.

Speaker of the House Philip Gunn gave opening remarks, focusing on legislative accomplishments and personal anecdotes. In discussing the upcoming marriage of one of his children, he said his wife wanted to rehab their current home…but he didn’t realize “a wedding required renovation.” Gunn spoke early in the day due to a prior commitment to speak to a group about workforce training – an issue critical to the state’s economic future.

For the 12th annual event, organizers had to use their contingency plan for inclement weather and move festivities from the usual outdoor location at the Mississippi Ag Museum to an indoor location at the Mississippi Coliseum.

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