Yesterday, “Anonymous” filed a lawsuit in Carlton Reeves courtroom against Phil Bryant, Delbert Hosemann and Jim Hood. At issue is subpoenas issued to uncover possible campaign finance violations at the tail end of the most recent party primary. Three weeks ago, Delbert Hosemann issued a release stating that they had initiated an investigation. We’ve covered two incidents that may have been involved – the first involving a mailer sent against Mayor Mary Hawkins and the other attacking Republicans over the flag issue.

Anonymous v Phil Bryant, Delbert Hosemann & Jim Hood Complaint

There is a court hearing at 1:30 p.m. today in Jackson to discuss a motion for a temporary restraining order.

TRO Motion in Anonymous v. Bryant et al

The attorney listed on behalf of “Anonymous” is Graham Carner of Jackson.

This could shape up a to be an interesting case. At issue – does the state of Mississippi have the right to regulate campaign finance rules or does the first amendment trump that. All you pro-Libertates out there should be getting your state’s rights on.