Trump acolytes campaign to defeat Ryan

Pete Meachum, Trump’s Wisconsin state director, said in a statement “the only campaign that Trump staffers in Wisconsin are working on is to elect Donald J. Trump as our next President. Period.”

And Nehlen’s spokesman Noel Fritsch used misdirection to cut short the candidate’s interview with POLITICO when the subject of ex-Trump staffers was raised.

Fritsch escorted Nehlen into a campaign RV parked nearby and emblazoned with the words “Dump Paul Ryan,” explaining that the candidate would be “right back out” to resume the interview after the campaign verified the candidate’s door-knocking route.

But 10 minutes later, Fritsch emerged from the RV alone, and it drove away with the candidate still inside. “You know what, we have another interview,” Fritsch said. “We have a very, very busy schedule.”