McDaniel sues Neshoba County

Steve C. Thornton of Jackson and Michael D. Watson of Pascagoula are also listed as attorneys of record for McDaniel.

McDaniel is seeking an emergency hearing on the petition that would be heard by Circuit Judge Marcus D. Gordon, who could call a hearing any day.

White said Neshoba County is willing to cooperate in any way that’s within the law.

The suit claims Lee denied McDaniel representatives access to poll books and other election materials due to “privacy concerns” and “public records disclosure requirements.”

McDaniel is claiming that as a candidate he has more of a right to access election records than a “member of the general public.”

The writ says the McDaniel camp gave Lee a three-day notice on Thursday, July 3 before examination of election boxes.

On July 7-8, Spencer Harrell and Larry Fulton, both from the Jackson area and representing McDaniel, canvassed ballots and poll books and claimed that there were irregularities.

Jarrod Solomon also appeared on behalf of the Cochran campaign.

“Time is of the essence in election proceedings,” McDaniel said requesting the emergency hearing.

County Attorney Wade White on Monday submitted Lee’s response along with a motion to dismiss.

Neshoba Democrat