Analysis: Gov. Phil Bryant trusts no part of federal health overhaul

If there’s one thing Gov. Phil Bryant makes perfectly clear, it’s this: He doesn’t like the federal health overhaul.

Whether you call the law by its official name, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or by what Republican Bryant calls it, “Obamacare,” the governor says it’s too invasive and expensive.

During an interview last week, Bryant reiterated his opposition to the law, but in a way that raised almost as many questions as it answered.

Bryant said he thought if Mississippi had set up a state-run health exchange, some low-level employees or volunteers with the exchange could unilaterally force the state to expand Medicaid, the longstanding federal-state health insurance program for the needy. This, despite the fact the Legislature, which controls just about every aspect of what Medicaid offers or covers, has not voted for expansion.