AP – Analysis: Term’s 2nd year could see action on schools, roads

Mississippi lawmakers could be gearing up for the most productive portion of their current term. And, for better or worse, they’re already discussing parts of an ambitious agenda for 2017.

The three-month legislative session begins Jan. 3, and it will be the second year of a four-year term….

…Education funding is already front and center of prep work for 2017. Republican leaders of the House and Senate hired a consulting firm to recommend changes to the Mississippi Adequate Education Program, which is designed to give schools enough money to meet midlevel academic standards. The formula was put into law by a Democratic-controlled Legislature in 1997 but has been fully funded only two years, regardless of which party has been in control….

…Transportation will be another big issue for 2017, though there has been less attention so far on what proposals could be considered.

Clarion Ledger