Analysis: Mississippi state flag already slowly dying

This is an alternate ending to the endless low-boiling dispute over Mississippi’s state flag – people and institutions walk away from the current flag, one by one.

It’s a course of action that’s available even if lawmakers do nothing, leaving the 1894 flag with its Confederate battle emblem displayed on state government property, but maybe in few other places…

…There’s a significant faction, though, especially among Republicans, who feel it is their responsibility to keep the current flag. The Daily Mississippian, for example, reported on Sen. Chris McDaniel’s Thursday speech to the Our State Flag Foundation, a pro-flag group that has been fighting efforts to purge the flag, especially at the University of Mississippi.

“My position on the state flag is as long as it’s our state flag, it needs to fly,” said McDaniel, an Ellisville Republican. “Ole Miss is a state institution. . A state institution has the responsibility to fly the state flag.”

Washington Times